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Monthly Sewing and more!

February brings new sewing projects and more!  But first, the projects!

Technically, I started this apron a couple months ago.  It was a birthday gift for a friend.  Her apron is made of the same fabric as one I made for her daughter last year.  So now they match.  Cutesy.

Next up is a set of crayon rolls a friend asked me to make for Valentine’s Day.  Her son was none too pleased about the girly Valentine fabric, so I made his different from the rest as a surprise.

It’s very manly with an elastic and race car button closure instead of the velcro.

Not exactly full of crayons, but they were MIA for some reason?

This last sewing project was one I started in December.  I needed to make two of these, and finally finished the second at the start of this month.  This is a chalk mat made of chalk fabric.  There is a little pocket for chalk and it rolls up to take on the go.

And last, but not least, I spent January learning something new!  A dear friend of mine spent one evening a week with me in January teaching me to knit!  My youngest was asking me about it one day and stuttered over the words.  Out came “knittering” and it has stuck ever since.  So a new category was born with this finished project…

A gorgeous, warm, VERY long scarf I made for myself.  I was so happy to have a finished project!

I also made my son a camo scarf.  He requested camouflage for some reason.  I guess he thinks camo is manly.  He loves it! Can’t seem to find the pic I took of it.  Another time, I suppose.

I have had so much fun finishing the unfinished projects and starting new ones.  I have made gifts for the kids’ friends and have decided that with only three exceptions, I am going to make gifts the rest of the year.  I have some wonderful ideas in mind and cannot wait to make and share them!



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MSP: Twirly Tiered Skirt


Another tiered skirt from this tutorial.  This one is for my sweet niece.  I upcycled a flannel baby blanket for the top layer.  The middle layer is white chenille and the bottom layer is flannel.

This skirt is high in twirl factor.  I hope she loves it!


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Sewing ~ CD Holder

My youngest received a small CD player for Christmas.  But Mama and Papa Llama forgot to get her some CD storage.  A short Google search found a simple tutorial for a CD holder perfectly sized for a 4 year-old child.  It holds 6 CDs (3 on each side) and it took less than an hour to complete.

The finished project!

And the happy recipient!

And YAY for more than one sewing project completed this month!  I have another one to share later and one I hope to finish this week.


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Monthly Sewing Project

I want to sew more often.  Unfortunately, I feel compelled to have a clean house after school lessons with the kids.  By the end of the day I am simply too tired to sew.  I am going to challenge myself to complete at least one project per month.  If I sew more than one…great.  If the month is busier than usual, at least I have the one project to show for it.

December began with a new sewing area in my bedroom.  The first thing I made was this twirly, tiered skirt for one of my daughter’s friends.  I love how it turned out and plan to make more for my girls.

I loosely followed this tutorial to create it.   This was my first tiered skirt and I am very happy with the results.

I hope to have pictures of the Christmas gifts I have planned and am running out of time to make by the end of the month.


Are you making any Christmas gifts this year?

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