I have agonized over what to write about me.

When I start thinking about myself…daughter of God, wife (13 years and counting), mom to 3 children under 10 years old

And the things I am interested in…homeschooling, sewing, reading, music, movies,

And the things I am passionate about…birth, breastfeeding, and natural living,

I draw a blank beyond where my life is now.

But I am also an optimistic, caring, frugal, creative, easy-going, 30 something procrastinator with undiagnosed SPD who likes to garden, hike, and camp. Oh, and if you ask me to help with something, chances are really good I won’t say no. I cherish my time with my husband and children. I hate folding laundry and I love coffee. I love llamas and God, but not in that order.

So that’s a little snapshot of me.  Check out “Mamallamapa-what?” for how the blog title came about.



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