Not a Resolution

I do not make resolutions each New Year.  I do not set goals.  The New Year does bring a natural inclination to think about the previous year and where the new one will take you.  I think about a lot of aspects of my life and goals to set for myself.  I am not static.  I am ever-changing and growing emotionally and spiritually.

I have thought a lot about things I want to change in my life.  Eat healthier, exercise more often, stress less, be the best wife and mom I can be.  Each one of these things is affected directly by God.   My goal this year, and every year, is to grow closer to God.  I was remodeling my blog today and something in the category cloud caught my eye.

Can you see it?  That teeny tiny “Jesus” in the midst of all the larger things?

My blog topics may vary, but in my everyday life, I want Jesus to be a bigger priority than anything else in my life.

Today, tomorrow, always.



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3 responses to “Not a Resolution

  1. True, but from the outside, what I saw first and foremost was that Thankfulness was standing out so large and happy. And you know where that thankfulness all goes to. Be encouraged Mama – your heart still shows!

  2. I realized today that I am thankful God is in the details. Not the big things- although that is great- but the little things. The things that others might consider chance or coincidence, or luck. To me, that’s God. God is with us, big or small. Sometimes He is center stage; sometimes the primary role is the stage manager- the one behind the scenes making sure everything is running smoothly.

    I just realized that if I keep writing, I’ll have a new topic for my own blog, lol, and I wanted to write on the topic I had in mind. LOL. I’ll save that for another day….. but you get my drift. I agree that your heart still shows, and is a reflection that Jesus is the center! 🙂

  3. I love your perspectives. Thankfulness is the largest word and Jesus is in the center. Awesome!

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