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Thankful Thursday: Frigid Reprieve

Today is the middle of a streak of gorgeous weather in The Natural State. We have had some gorgeous snowfall, atypically early and unusually plentiful. But today I am thankful for a reprieve from the cold. The kids willingly went outside and have been out for over an hour. There are even a few windows cracked in the main living areas.


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Not a Resolution

I do not make resolutions each New Year.  I do not set goals.  The New Year does bring a natural inclination to think about the previous year and where the new one will take you.  I think about a lot of aspects of my life and goals to set for myself.  I am not static.  I am ever-changing and growing emotionally and spiritually.

I have thought a lot about things I want to change in my life.  Eat healthier, exercise more often, stress less, be the best wife and mom I can be.  Each one of these things is affected directly by God.   My goal this year, and every year, is to grow closer to God.  I was remodeling my blog today and something in the category cloud caught my eye.

Can you see it?  That teeny tiny “Jesus” in the midst of all the larger things?

My blog topics may vary, but in my everyday life, I want Jesus to be a bigger priority than anything else in my life.

Today, tomorrow, always.


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MSP: Twirly Tiered Skirt


Another tiered skirt from this tutorial.  This one is for my sweet niece.  I upcycled a flannel baby blanket for the top layer.  The middle layer is white chenille and the bottom layer is flannel.

This skirt is high in twirl factor.  I hope she loves it!


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We are getting a rare, wonderful snowfall today and tonight.  The kids anxiously awaited the first snowflakes and greeted them with sheer joy.  We have played in it three times today.  We have about 4 inches and the snow is still steadily falling.   Tomorrow should be gorgeous.

The 4 year old sums up how we all feel about the snow at the end of this video:


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Procrastination is my middle name

And I’d rather it not be.  So tonight I took care of a ton of paperwork and re-organization of stuff for the nonprofits who get a lot of my volunteer time.  I have too many kids and not enough time to not keep this stuff organized.  I have made a big mess on the floor around my desk, but I have a lot of stuff trashed and filed in addition to my sorted piles around me.

Looking forward to having this long overdue “to do” D-O-N-E.

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