O Tannenbaum

I don’t have a fancy tree.  This one was bought from Craigslist in 2009.  I prefer real ones, but this one fits our budget for now.  And for only $35, I can’t complain about a tree that goes all the way to the floor even if it is made of plastic.

The tree never has a theme.  It is filled with an eclectic collection of ornaments.  Some new, some old.  Some cheesy, some homemade.  And we love it.

We have a family tradition of buying one ornament for each family member that goes back to the first Christmas my husband and I spent together.  We bought each other an ornament every year until our first child came along.

This is the first one he gave me.  Isn’t it the sappiest ornament from Walmart ever?

When we had our first child, we upgraded to Hallmark.

There are ornaments from my childhood.  I don’t remember how old I was when I made this Rudolph…early elementary, I think.

And this one that was given to me by my babysitter when we lived in Indiana.  My only other memory of them is that they had an Atari video game system.  It was awesome.

I picked this one up at a Garden Ridge store long before I had kids.  It looked just like my cat, Figaro.  I still miss that kitty.

Another ornament tradition of mine is to pick up an ornament when we travel.  I have ornaments from various caverns, one from Greune, TX, and this one from our trip to San Francisco.  We had just found out I was pregnant with our first child when we went to San Fran.   I also bought a Golden Gate Bridge ornament.  We rode the cable cars a lot and we walked across the Golden Gate.  That was a LONG walk.  And I smile every time I hang them up on the tree.

There are ornaments from our honeymoon in the Bahamas, one of our many trips to New Mexico, and a trip to Melbourne, FL.

The ornaments reflect our personalities.

Papa Llama likes to fish.

All three llamas have seen The Nutcracker ballet and they give the children an ornament to mark the occasion.  The tree is also covered in ballerinas, soccer players, and race cars and whatever else interested my children at the time.

This one commemorates my PEZ collection that I used to have.

As my faith grew, the ornaments began to reflect the changes in me.

This ornament was bought a couple years ago while visiting the live Nativity at the Heifer International Ranch.

Fair trade llama ornament made with alpaca yarn.   It was the year the kids nicknamed me “Mama Llama.”

Some of my favorite ornaments are the ones that you cannot buy.  They are the ones my children and I have created together.


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