Thankful Thursday: Little Llamas

A goal of mine is to consciously be thankful more frequently.  I also want to post on my blog more frequently.  So Thankful Thursday is going to be similar to “Wordless Wednesday.” I will post a picture (or two, three, more…) of something that makes me feel thankful.  What better way to kick it off than with my own offspring.



Filed under Christmas, Family, Little Llamas, Thankful Thursday, Thankfulness

3 responses to “Thankful Thursday: Little Llamas

  1. kelly p

    T, they are so adorable!

  2. I love your blog! Going to be looking in more often. So how do we not meet up. We go to all the same places. Suzanne and I have said we are going to meet with all of you in Benton and soon. Great pics.

    • Catherine, I have no idea how we don’t run into each other more often! We should definitely make plans for a get-together after the holidays. Thank you for your sweet comments.

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