Comedic Kids

My kids are funny.  ROFLMBO funny.  Snicker funny.  Giggle funny.  I always say “I should write this down” when they say something hysterical.  That’s exactly what I’m about to do.

My two youngest llamas asked why some trees were green and some trees didn’t have any leaves while we were driving to town last week.  An impromptu CARschool homeschool lesson about the differences between evergreen and deciduous trees began.  I asked for an example of a tree that is green around Christmas time that is not a pine tree.   They were stumped so I gave them the answer.

When I said “Christmas trees are evergreen,” my oldest daughter said “Right! Because they are plastic!!!”

Obviously our tree is not a live one.   I think it is still pretty anyway.

What kind of tree does your family use?


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