New Floor!

We have officially recovered from the flood incident. Papa llama and I spent Saturday and Sunday completing the floor replacement in our bedroom.  And, nightmare that it was, we are actually thankful for the flood.  It forced our hand on finishing this never-ending project.  We were talking about it as we neared the finish line, and this project was so discouraging.  We had installed similar laminate flooring in our previous house and it was time consuming, but not difficult at all.  Even though it was laminate, it was a different brand and was very difficult to install due to poor engineering.   Nevertheless, we are so thankful it is completed.  This weekend we will put the baseboards, trim, and closet doors back on and the room will be completely done!

I made a 29 second slideshow of our progress.   We are so happy with the end result.  I rearranged some furniture.  My husband doesn’t know it yet, but I am turning part of it into a sewing corner.  Co-sleeping all these years with our little llamas kept me from using the space for my projects.  Looking forward to having a dedicated space for it!


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