I love water.  I like to drink it, swim in it, shower in it, play in it.  Water is one of God’s most amazing creations.  Indoor plumbing is pretty awesome in it’s own right.

Today these two wonderful things went awry in my home.

The toilet in my bathroom overflowed today.  Apparently there was a clog in the line.  It was flushed and the chain attached to the lever in the tank was kinked.  The toilet overflowed and kept going and going and going because the water was running in the tank.

It was a while before I realized what was happening in my bedroom.  On the other side of the house.

An inch of water over the tile in the bathroom, spilled over onto the subfloor, underneath the wood laminate floor and soaked up by the carpet.  The flooring in our room was in the middle of a makeover.  Carpet was going out, wood laminate was coming in.  It’s a large room and the work has been taking a while.  One third of the room was redone, one third ready for laminate, and the other third held carpet and all of our furniture squished together.

When I saw the amount of water, my heart sank as I swam (ok, soaked my socks) to the toilet and shut the water off.  I yelled for my son to get the Shop Vac out of the garage.   Moms, I pray you never have to know this, but the Shop Vac is your friend.  Your bestie in a flooded bedroom.  I emptied our average size Shop Vac three times before getting most of the water up.  Then I dismantled all of the work we had done in the room, dried off individual pieces and numbered them, and am hoping for the best as they dry in front of fans.

Tonight Papa Llama and I will remove what is left of the carpet and dry out the subfloor.

I am thankful that the floor was not completely done at this point.  I am also thankful the water overflowing was clear, if you know what I mean.



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