Women need other women in their lives.  We are not designed to rough it with these alien beings called men and their offspring without being loved, supported and carried when needed by our friends.   We need friends to play Barbie dolls with when we are children. We need friends to talk to on the phone for hours when we are in our teens.  We need friends who don’t care that we’ve done embarrassing things.  We need friends to fly halfway across the country to be in our wedding.

We need friends who have known us for years, and our lives have taken different paths until one day our paths converge again.  We need friends to mentor us and lead us and hold our hands as we learn this new world of parenting.  We need friends who give us their unwavering support and encouragement.  Friends who ignite our passions and again lead us down a path we may have never taken.

We need friends who are on nearly identical paths…children the same age, shared passions, beliefs, and frustrations.  We need friends on slightly different paths who compliment us and make us think about views different from our own.  Friends who bring out the best in us.  Friends who lift us up when we are down.  We need friends who have us over for dinner because we are both having a bad day.   Friends who we can share anything with.  Friends who don’t judge us when we slip from our parenting ideals because of sleep deprivation.

We need to share inside jokes and laugh with each other. We encourage creativity in each other. Celebrate the women that we are with each other whether over a margarita or on an online forum. Laugh with each other in real life or virtually through smilies and internet lingo. Cry with each other.  Share frustrations with each other.

We rally around each other when times are hard.  Surround the one who needs it most with love, listening, and hugs.  We need to tell each other how thankful we are to have such amazing women in our lives.

To the strong, amazing women in my life, thank you.  You all know who you are.


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