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Things I love

1.  The steady rain.

2.  The quiet house.

3.  Kids sleeping in.

4.  Time to enjoy the moment.

5.  God’s presence.

5.  These things happening at the same time.



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Inspired to sew

Now that my bedroom floors are completed and the room is returning to normal, the urge to break out the sewing machine and create something has taken over.  Today I reorganized my sewing closet.  So much so that I am fighting the overwhelming need to buy more fabric.  Now.

Not an easy thing to do.  But I resisted the urge to add to my stash.

I added a folding table in the corner to work on my projects.  I am excited about having a dedicated space to sew, and am hopeful it will lead to enjoying this hobby more often.   Maybe even enough to share pics of my creations soon!



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New Floor!

We have officially recovered from the flood incident. Papa llama and I spent Saturday and Sunday completing the floor replacement in our bedroom.  And, nightmare that it was, we are actually thankful for the flood.  It forced our hand on finishing this never-ending project.  We were talking about it as we neared the finish line, and this project was so discouraging.  We had installed similar laminate flooring in our previous house and it was time consuming, but not difficult at all.  Even though it was laminate, it was a different brand and was very difficult to install due to poor engineering.   Nevertheless, we are so thankful it is completed.  This weekend we will put the baseboards, trim, and closet doors back on and the room will be completely done!

I made a 29 second slideshow of our progress.   We are so happy with the end result.  I rearranged some furniture.  My husband doesn’t know it yet, but I am turning part of it into a sewing corner.  Co-sleeping all these years with our little llamas kept me from using the space for my projects.  Looking forward to having a dedicated space for it!

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Apparently posting every day is not all that easy when you have three children.  And homeschool.  And volunteer.  And go on weekly field trips.

Today is floor installation day now that things have dried out from the flood.  Hoping the kids survive doing what they want all day.  Maybe I’ll unlock the doors to the craft closet and let them go to town.  Wait.  I think I’m forgetting what exactly is in the closet.  A better option would be to place a selection of things on the school table for them to craft with today.  That and DVDs should make the day fly by.

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The hurt before the healing

One thing God has been teaching me this year is that He is here with me through the good and the bad.   The worse things have been, the stronger He shows himself to me.  I am so thankful for his comfort and presence.  The hurt has been hard, but the healing brings hope and peace and thankfulness.

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I love water.  I like to drink it, swim in it, shower in it, play in it.  Water is one of God’s most amazing creations.  Indoor plumbing is pretty awesome in it’s own right.

Today these two wonderful things went awry in my home.

The toilet in my bathroom overflowed today.  Apparently there was a clog in the line.  It was flushed and the chain attached to the lever in the tank was kinked.  The toilet overflowed and kept going and going and going because the water was running in the tank.

It was a while before I realized what was happening in my bedroom.  On the other side of the house.

An inch of water over the tile in the bathroom, spilled over onto the subfloor, underneath the wood laminate floor and soaked up by the carpet.  The flooring in our room was in the middle of a makeover.  Carpet was going out, wood laminate was coming in.  It’s a large room and the work has been taking a while.  One third of the room was redone, one third ready for laminate, and the other third held carpet and all of our furniture squished together.

When I saw the amount of water, my heart sank as I swam (ok, soaked my socks) to the toilet and shut the water off.  I yelled for my son to get the Shop Vac out of the garage.   Moms, I pray you never have to know this, but the Shop Vac is your friend.  Your bestie in a flooded bedroom.  I emptied our average size Shop Vac three times before getting most of the water up.  Then I dismantled all of the work we had done in the room, dried off individual pieces and numbered them, and am hoping for the best as they dry in front of fans.

Tonight Papa Llama and I will remove what is left of the carpet and dry out the subfloor.

I am thankful that the floor was not completely done at this point.  I am also thankful the water overflowing was clear, if you know what I mean.


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Missed a day

This daily posting thing is hard when you have a houseful of children to care for and educate all day.  No time to post between the kids, prepping dinner, and leaving for the ICAN meeting.  Speaking of the meeting, it was wonderful, as usual.  I learned something last night that may have helped my VBAC prep go a little smoother.  It just might inspire a post for later today!

Here’s to finishing out the month without missing another day.

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